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Edge 540 Gallery 11

June 21, 2017

Hi Caroline and Dennis,
Hope all is going well with the new release. It is great to see another Carden design on the market!

After many years of flying my Edge, I decided to recover it early in 2016.  It is the original scheme with just slightly different graphics. The whole project took a little over a year to complete but it turned out fantastic and I hope to get many more years of flying out of this amazing airplane.
Hope you enjoy seeing this one as much as I enjoy flying it!
Jeremy Jackson


January 30, 2015


Here are few pics of my Edge.  Standard build, DA-150, MTW cans, Smart fly EQ Turbo 6 with 5200mah FROMECO batteries.  The ailerons are about 5 " longer than specified on the plans. 


The covering and EDGE 540 lettering is all done with Ultracote except for the chrome which is Monocote.   


The other graphics are from BadBradGraphics.  AUW around 38 lbs.The maple leaf motif isn't because of a Canadian heritage, it's directly tied to my business.


I own a tree nursery and the business logo uses maple leaves in it, so this seemed appropriate. I also wanted something different from other Edges I've seen, and with the red/white contrast, and the sunlight flashing off of the chrome, it is highly visible!!!!

The cowl has fiberglass ducting on the cylinders to ensure good cooling.

Far and away my favorite aircraft to fly!!


Paul Huls


July 11, 2014

Hello Dennis and Caroline,

I hope my email finds you well and enjoying a fine summer.  I wanted to send a few photos of my recently completed Edge 540. Took a while but have finally completed it.  It has a DA150 on RE3s and came in at almost exactly 35lbs. First flights have been great fun.

I Plan to use it as my main IMAC plane for this season.  I am new to IMAC and already thinking about building a pro, so we need to talk.

Thanks for the help along the way and making another fine kit.

Best Regards,

Jason Paine

March 30, 2012


I finished the 40% edge I got from you in October and managed to get it in the mid 34lb range with a zdz160 on re3's.  It was my first real complete build and turned out very nice.


The kit fit and quality was outstanding.  I Came up with a scheme that differs from most of the Carden edges I've seen.

I believe Dennis has been following my build according to my friend Trevor.  Its 4lbs lighter than my other one which is already a floater. I can't wait to fly it.  Thanks,


Georgetown, Ont, canada

March 21, 2012


Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Here are a few pictures of one of my older Carden 40% Edge 540’s. The airframe was completely gone through after several hundreds of hard flights and it was still in very good condition! It has a new DA150 and all new JR gear through out. I cannot believe this airframe is nine years old and still fly’s as good as day one, when my son Chris lets me fly it, lol! I just wanted to share this with you.


Dave Schwartz


November 5, 2011

Hi Dennis and Caroline,

Here are a couple of pictures of my 40% Edge which I just finished a couple of months ago.  I am having more fun with this plane than I ever imagined.  It flies great and it's so smooth and stable. 


I would like to thank Doug Yaroch for his technical support during the building of this project.  He is a wealth of information and is eager to share it.  Without his encouragement I would probably still be flying my 35% Edge but I am enjoying this one so much more.


Thanks again,


Steve Doubek

Pulaski, WI

October 17, 2011



Here are some pics of my 40% Edge with a DA 150 on KS cans.  I acquired the plane in bare balsa form from an older kit that was built by Bob Hudson, who mildly it lightened for 3d.


The plane is awesome and my color choice seems to attract attention.  I just ordered another 40% edge and will build this one to my specs and lighter.  At 38lb this is still a floater.


Andrew Knuth

August 6, 2010


Hello Dennis and Caroline,

This is the Carden edge 540 40% that Trevor Brum built weighing 27.5 pounds with a DA 100 on re2.  In this pic I am flying my freestyle at the Canadian Nats.  Trevor spent over 500 hours to build this monster

Ron Sebag

June 12, 2010


Well, I test flew the 40% edge this past Sunday.

Only took 2 clicks of up and one click of aileron, flies great!




May 7, 2010


Just thought I would send you a quick picture of Gary and me at the Jayhawk Open in Lawrence, Kansas. The Yak and the Edge on the left are mine, the 35 and the 40 on the right are Gary Maley's. Gary also has another 40 edge.  All Cardens, of course!

Phil Eason- Red Oak, Iowa

April 15, 2010

Here's my most recent project - your latest revision to the 40% Edge 540 that I have significantly lightened and has come in at only 26.4lbs with DA100L.  Thanks again for the amazing kit.  The fit and finish of your kit is beyond compare and your new wood and foam is a step above anything I've seen to date!!

I decided to take on a personal challenge and experiment with an ultralight 40% and I felt your kit had the most to offer in terms of modifications!!   It truly flies like nothing else in all conditions.  Most believe that a construction like this would be fragile and would not handle winds, etc. I make it a point to fly this in extreme conditions and have let many take the sticks and have made many skeptics believers to date!! - It is truly something that has to be flown to believe!

To date I have over 50 flights on it and it is holding up like any other Carden - flawless and reliable!!!   Specifications:

40% Carden Edge 540 @ 26.4lbs RTF, Durant Direct Drive, Hitec 7955 and 7950 servos, DA100L on standard mufflers, Vess 28B prop,

Azure Hobbies 5`CF spinner, Covered in Monokote, Graphics by, Ultralight aluminum wheels by AirManufacturing, CF wing, tail tubes, CF G2 landing gear, CF wheel pants all by Graphtech, JR12x guidance with single JR1221 Rx, Twin A123 2300mAh Rx power

Here`s the link to the build thread!

Here are a few links to a few videos!
Thanks again for a great product and your excellent service!!  Cheers,

Trevor Brum

April 6, 2010
Hello Dennis and Caroline,
I just purchased a new stab tube for my new 40% Edge 540.  I believe that you may recognize this airplane.  This was one of Blaine Austin's first Edge's that he has owned and I am now the new happy owner of this awesome flying bird!  Everything is original on this 11 year old airplane and still flys the way it did from day one according to Blaine.  From the day I first saw a Carden Aircraft fly (by Blaine Austin and Mike Sauls)  I was instantly hooked on getting one from the time I was 10 years old.  Well 13 years later I am proud to say that I am an owner of  my dream airplane, and thrilled to be a part of Carden Aircraft!  Thank you for putting out such a great product.
Jason Hobbs

March 29, 2010

Dennis &Caroline,


I'm sending photos of my new 40% edge 540.  Just got done putting 3 flights on the new edge an it flies great, just like a Carden should.



Doug Yaroch did the building of it and I did the paying for it, but it was worth it.


Thanks to you for designing a great plane and thanks to Doug Yaroch for building and covering.


Joe Mayer

January 12, 2010

Dear Sirs,

In 2006, I bought 2 kits 40% Edge 540. I build one Edge same year and  I have been flying it since then.



I like it very much. I am planning to build the second one.



Avedis Tutunjian

November 30, 2009

Hi Dennis and Caroline.   Attached is a picture of Joe Mayer's new 40% Edge 540.  I built this for him last summer and he now has it ready to go. This is the one I had built for myself until we decided to do the 43%. It looks good and I know he will have allot of fun with it for many years to come.

Doug Yaroch

November 23, 2009

Dennis and Caroline,
Last weekend another Carden 40% Edge took to the air at the Auburn Planesmen Fall Fly In. The plane was the graduation project for our large plane building course taught at the Lineville AL club shop last winter. After all the instruction Ed Cobb set about building the Edge with some help from me. He took to his first Carden like he had been doing it all his life.

As you can see, it came out just fine and he decided on the complicated colors and the layout with no regard for the hours it would take to get the covering on the plane.  He brought it to the fly in and it was the hit of the day. It sailed off the end of the runway with only a beep of down trim and it flew great. Two people flew it on the first flight and several others got on the sticks by the end of the day. Everyone loved the plane and several remarks were made about the quality and durability of this plane.

As usual, it is a fully capable plane that will not limit any pilot regardless of the skill level.  It has: DA 150 on K&S cans, 4 ea 7955 Hitec servos on the wings, 2 ea 7955 Hitec servos on the elevator, 1 ea Seiko servo on the rudder - powered by 3900 ma lithium ion auto switched by receiver.  2 ea. 5200ma for main power into 42% 12/24 power expander.  1 ea. 2600ma for ignition power backed by 42% ign. reg. and kill switch.  JR radio and receiver.

I have awarded him a graduation certificate and I think we may have created a dedicated builder from the ranks of the ARF people. Ed has ordered an Extra from you and he will go it alone this time. 

Thanks for your usual fine support and airframe design.
Brian Deis

November 16, 2009

Dennis & Caroline

I hope everything is going good for you.  Sounds like you are very busy.  I had a very busy season this year from demo requests to events

I just thought sounded like fun, 26 events in all.  That is a record for me and I'm still married!

I thought you would like to see a video the guys from The St.Joe Barnstormers put together. This was from a demo I did for them last summer.

Thank you for all your help


October 15, 2009


Hi Dennis & Caroline,


Built by Watz Custom Aircraft. Red Bull Edge 540 and all my other Cardens and friends!  A 35.6# 3D monster.


DA 150 for power JR 8711 all around. See all the photos of our Carden'SSSSSSSSSS it was a great day !!!!!


James Dean Peters

August 26, 2009


 I finally have some pics of my 40% Edge.  I've been flying it all summer but took a while to get pics once I had the graphics on it.  I have about 20 gallons through it now and really enjoying the plane. DA 150 on mufflers for power and controlled by a 12X with 8711 servos. 



I started the motor box on my new 40% Extra 300 and can't wait to get that one flying as well.  Hopefully will get it built over the winter and have that one ready for next year.



Thanks for the great flying aircraft!


Tony Vitiello


May 12, 2009

Caroline and Dennis


Attached are some pictures of Mark Jorgensen's new 40% Edge 540.  It flies great, it's amazing how easy it is to fly.



It has a D.A. 150 swinging a Menz 32 x 10 prop, a Futaba radio and receiver on 2.4, it weighs 36 lbs.  Thanks for an easy to assemble plane and a wonderful flying plane.

 Thanks again

Roger Nemitz

May 8, 2009

Dennis and Caroline,

Here is my latest 40% Carden Edge.  I covered it in the Red Bull Kirby Chambliss scheme from a couple years ago.



I'm approaching 60 flights on it now and it is fly's awesome.  From precision to 3D this plane handles whatever you through at it.


For power it has a DA 150 and for radio guidance I have JR 8611A's on the wings along with 8711's on the elevators and rudder.

Thank you for a great product and your second to none service.

Christopher Yerdon

 Troy,New York


May 6, 2009


Caroline & Dennis, Here are some pics of my 540 on Maiden day 5/2/2009.  I was like a kid in a candy store. I've never flown anything like it. I would recommend this plane and company to anyone. Pete was on hand to help us out on setup and testing. It was a GOOD Day!!!!


The pic with 3 planes, the one on the left is Mark Jorgensen Middle, Roger Nemitz, Right is mine  Jeff Schmidt


Thanks again for all of your support

Jeff Schmidt

April 7, 2009

Dennis and Caroline
Another Carden has hit the air and it is a grand success. Roger Brown and the club members in Lineville, AL are shown in some of the attached shots of the new 40% Carden Edge 540 and it is the best of all the Cardens I have had the pleasure of building.

Today was the first flight and it came off the end of the runway at 1/2 throttle and required no trim adjustments to fly hands off.  The CG was on the back of the zone you show on the plans and it flies with no down elevator when inverted.  After the first flight Roger flipped up to high rates and it was a spectacular site to see it fly straight and clean knife edges on both sides without pulling and no mixing.


The hover was effortless and it did torque rolls without making any adjustments in flight. The two of us flew it and the only change might be a bigger tank so we could fly it longer at a time.  We hated to land a plane that is a good time machine.

I thank you both for making airplanes we can build for our customers and know the first flight will be like this every time.  The end of the day brought smiles from all who attended and there are several new Carden fans to add to the list.
Brian Deis

November 18, 2008,
Just thought you and Dennis might want to see the pictures. 
This is Rick Commanders's in Houston, TX  Not too bad 38# right out of the box and no mods.


Have a nice day

October 22, 2008

Here is another Edge to add to your List.

What a great plane 5 yrs in the making and it flew Sat 18 Oct 2008 like a dream thank you so much for a great kit.

Wally Balfour,
Phoenix AZ

May 6, 2008

Raplh Foll's Edge 540

Hello Caroline and Dennis

I have a couple of planes I'm pretty proud of, hope you like them too.


Your Friend,



April 30, 2008

I finally finished my dream plane.

It has a DA-150 , Futaba 14Mz for Guidance, Futaba 9156's on the wings, and JR 8711s on the tail surfaces .

First flight required two click's of up trim, after that it was like an old friend, what a sweet plane.


Tom Holt 

September 12, 2007
Hi Caroline and Dennis,

I have at 5 flights on my new 40% Carden EDGE 540 and I really love this plane.

First of all, I think it is the best looking Carden to date. It is looks amazing and fly very well

I have never used any trim for this plane on first fly, it flies by his own.  I would like to thank you for your EDGE 540 kit. It was my first carden build but will not be my last.

Thank you, however here have few photos for you reference

Kent Wang

July 3rd, 2007
Hi Caroline and Dennis,

 I can't remember if I ever sent you these pix of my finished Edge.  I love it!


Bert Sparrow, Lt Col, USAF

February 8th, 2006
Hi Caroline and Dennis,

Here are a few pictures of my new 40% Edge 540. It was professionally built  by Jim short and he did an excellent job building it. I can't say thanks enough to Jim for the superb job he did.

Its powered by a DA 150 on stock mufflers, True Turn spinner, Futaba radio gear with a I4C Isolator. Hitec 5955TG servos with Fromeco batteries and regulators, and swings a 32x10 Bambula Prop.
It's covered in Monokote with Aero Graphix decals. Thanks Brian Zang for all the help!  I'm just waiting on a nice day to test fly it, I will pick a nice non windy day for the maiden.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the help that you gave me from the start! The Quality of the kit is second to none and I want to say thanks to you and Dennis for producing such a great plane!

I am also sending some pictures of my new Carden Extra 330 that I bought from Sam Monteleone. It only had six flights on it when I got it.  It was professionally built
by Cam McCausey, it has a DA 150 with K&S pipes, JR 8611a servos, Fromeco batteries and regulators with Futaba Radio gear, and swings a 32x10 Mejzlik prop.
Again, I just want to say thanks for producing such great planes and I will always be a dedicated Carden owner!


Gene Rushing - Michie, Tennessee


Dec 6th, 2005
Hi Caroline and Dennis,
I thought I would send you a picture of my new 40% Edge. I got into the air a few weeks ago.  Its my 6th Carden and my favorite to date.  It is powered by a DA150 with KS cans and JR control.  The airframe was  beautifully built by Ron Kahl and I covered, painted, and assembled.  Total weight without fuel is 38 lbs!  I can't decide what Carden next,  but will decide soon!
Keep the great designs coming.   Chris Fabbro

Oct 10, 2005
Hi Caroline and Dennis,

Here are some pictures of my new 40% Edge. What a great flying plane!!

It has been well worth the time building and so far I only have around 20 flights on it.


Thanks for all you help on the phone during the build.


James Shelley
Harriman, TN

Sept 29, 2005
Hi Caroline and Dennis,

Here are a few more pictures for your website! I now have a Don Harris Smoke pump in the edge!

Brian Grossman


brian_grossman_40edge-635.JPG (38045 bytes)

Sept 15, 2005
Hi Caroline and Dennis,

This past winter I have bought a wonderful 40% Carden Edge from a buddy of mine Joe Stek.

 The airplane was built by Mark Boguszewski. 

She's powered by a DA-150 and has a Tru-turn spinner, P-Tip prop, Mini Emcotec, Sure-link arms, and Futaba Guidance.  

brian_grossman_40edge-247.JPG (102538 bytes)

This is a beautiful looking and flying aircraft. I have 25 or so flights on  it and fly’s great in all aspects.

 I Love it!  I thank you for such a flawless design !  Here are a few pictures!

brian_grossman_40edge-281-800.JPG (43837 bytes)


Brian Grossman , Solon, Ohio

owen_maupin-40edge-082.JPG (41987 bytes)

Sept 12, 2005
Dear Caroline and Dennis,

I am so in love with my new 35% Carden Edge.   It fly's so wonderful!!!!!   It makes my flying look better than I am.  hahaha  The plane sticks where ever you put it.   I went from nervous to having a blast with it very quickly.  The plane gives you that confidence because it doesn't do anything unexpected.   I have all JR equipment in it.  8611a's on everything but the throttle that's an 8411. The DA 100 does a great job on this plane.  Another confidence builder.  I would like to thank David Payne and my son Daniel for putting this beautiful bird together for me.  Also a big thanks to Bryan Zang for doing such a great job on making and applying the graphics this bird.   And last but
not least you guys for making such a wonderful airplane!  Keep up the great work!   Take care and I look forward to seeing you guys again.
Sincerely, Owen Maupin -  Chattanooga TN

mike_padron_40edge-022c.JPG (75624 bytes)

Aug 24, 2005
Dennis and Caroline,  

Jim Short built me a 40% Carden Edge and I test flew it today - for over  30 years I've heard of people bragging about an airplane that required zero trim

 - well today I lived it 

mike_padron_40edge-017e.JPG (45749 bytes)


- what a beautiful machine (very little coupling - beautiful snaps and spins - and transition from harrier to hover better than anything I have ever flown. 

mike_padron_40edge-016b.JPG (72673 bytes)

 All in all, I couldn't be happier.

Thank you Jim, Dennis and Caroline.

Mike Padron

bob_rembert_40edge-0821.JPG (292627 bytes)

July 21, 2005
Dennis and Caroline,

I don’t think I ever sent you photo’s of my 40% Edge. I love this airplane. It is the best ever, and didn’t think anything would beat my Carden 35% Edge.


bob_rembert_40edge-0823.JPG (151193 bytes) As you know, Mike Vasallero built it for me, and I covered and painted it. 

Mike not only did a superb job but is a great value as well, he will be building the Yak I just ordered from you.  
bob_rembert_40edge-0824.JPG (127188 bytes)

Speaking of value, I just can’t imagine purchasing giant scale airplanes from anyone else but you guy’s. 

Thanks again for another great product and your support…

Bob Rembert

chris_hammar_40edge-820.JPG (41558 bytes)

July 13, 2005
Hello Caroline,

Chris from Malaysia again. Thanks for advise. CG was 3/4" aft of original during maiden flight last Sunday. I believe that my style of checking the CG was not accurate - I lie beneath the fuselage and pressed up with my thumbs (under the wing, beside the fuselage) on the marked CG point. 

chris_hammar_40edge-809.JPG (39951 bytes)

The maiden flight was successful, no trims at all!!! 

Straight and level flight at mid speed was hands off the joysticks, so the CG was spot on after all. When testing the Engine for pulling power on Vertical, it went straight up, straight as an arrow without requiring any correcting inputs. Landing was so slooow, that I had to blip the throttle a wee bit just to keep the plane on the right descent height.

chris_hammar_40edge-806.JPG (49554 bytes)

My friends who watched the maiden were amazed at the stability of the plane, requiring no trims and the landing that was so slow. The aileron servos are installed with longer than usual servo rails and at an angle to the horizontal plane of the aileron - I do this so that the servo leads do not bend 90 deg when installing. Have done this type of installation on 35% planes, no problems, so far. But will keep watch on this to be on the safe side.

chris_hammar_40edge-802.JPG (50533 bytes)

 Only one flight, as the new engine was very rich in the midrange. Will bench run engine again before 2nd flight this coming Sunday. The weather was heavily overcast, so the pics did not turn well. 
Two words to sum it up - extremely satisfied!!! I am one happy Carden customer!!!  

Chris from Malaysia

September 14, 2005 7:54 PM
40% Edge

Hi Caroline & Dennis

my Edge has had 175 flights now, I had one mid air but other than that it's still going strong. I am attaching a recent picture of me flying the Edge, you might want to put it on your web site

Steve Carr

steve_carr_40edge-0106.jpg (86528 bytes) March 29, 2005 - update

  And on the 10th flight-----------------------------------


steve_carr_40edge-3618-800.jpg (106603 bytes) 

 March 26, 2005

In August 2004 I phoned Carden Aircraft from the UK and spoke to someone called Dennis. I told him that I had not built an aeroplane before as I had always flown ARF's and did I need anything special to build a 40% Edge, after questioning my sanity he gingerly talked me through the build process.

steve_carr_40edge-3633.jpg (110037 bytes) I ordered a kit in August 2004 and after becoming Dennis’s best friend (or nightmare) over the phone in the ensuing months, I test flew the Edge March 2005. 

After 10 flights I had the rudder on the ground in the hover, and the Harriers are amazing.4 point rolling circles are spot on, and so are one roll rolling circles. Now I just need to “run the engine in” I suppose.  
steve_carr_40edge-3640.jpg (96010 bytes)
  I am very pleased with my Edge and would like to thank Caroline & Dennis for their help.

  Steve Carr


luke_norris-40edge-flying.JPG (85458 bytes)

April 26, 2005 - update

Dennis and Caroline,

Here are a couple more pics of my 40% Carden Edge 540 that was taken at the Merigold, Missouri Extreme Aerobatic Club event. 

luke_norris-40edge-hover.JPG (61730 bytes)


This bird just gets better and better every time it gets in the air. It is reaching close to 40 flights so far and is sporting some new Kirby Kustom graphics on the bottom of the wings.

luke_norris-40edge-belly.JPG (71325 bytes)


Thanks again for such a great flying plane.

sincerely,  Luke Norris

luke_norris-40edge-1329.JPG (132824 bytes)

December 14, 2004

Hi,  Caroline
Here are some pics of my new 40% Edge for 2005.   She flies on rails like an Edge  should.  

luke_norris-40edge-1322.JPG (170150 bytes)

I've got a 10x controlling nine 8611's, DA-150 running a Bolly 32x10 with an SWB motor mount and Duralites.  I would like to send a special thanks to Caroline for the wing bag and tail/prop covers and Mike Sauls, a great asset to the Carden community.

 Thanks! Luke Norris

blaine_austin_40edge-2004-0781.jpg (43797 bytes)  November 9, 2004

Caroline and Dennis

Here are some pics for your website. 


blaine_austin_40edge-2004-0783.jpg (43306 bytes)
blaine_austin_40edge-2004-100_0190.jpg (41711 bytes)
Here is the new Edge that Jim Short built.


Blaine Austin

walter_beike_40edge-05-800.jpg (188530 bytes)

September 9, 2004

Hi Dennis and Caroline:

Here's a couple of pictures of what came from the box you sent me. This is my 40% Edge

walter_beike_40edge-06.jpg (178718 bytes)


Its got a 3W-150 in it, its covered with Ultracote and the paint is Dupont Chroma One. Radio gear is all Futaba. It flies fantastic

walter_beike_40edge-07.jpg (162155 bytes)

 I'm waiting for the announcement of the rumor going around for my winter project. 

This is my 5th Carden plane.
Thank you, 
Walter Beike, Portage Indiana  ( see my Giles-300 here)

bryan_zang-40edge--bryan-pete-john.jpg (65917 bytes)
September 9, 2004

Dennis and Caroline,

Thought I would send in some pics of my new 40% Edge for this year. All I can say is "Awesome". There is nothing that fly's like a Carden! No matter if I am flying IMAC or turning up the rates and 3D'n the plane performs like no other. 
bryan_zang-40edge-04.jpg (199812 bytes)
From straight and level flight to Harrier landings, the Carden brand is a tuff bird  We have been to several events this year and I have received nothing but good complements on the plane. I am very happy with it and appreciate all of your help during the process.
The graphics that you see on the Edge are done by my company Aero Graphix 573-467-0111.
bryan_zang-40edge-02.jpg (176759 bytes)
Special Thanks go to

Models by Light 816-830-6166

Thanks, Bryan Zang           See my 35% Edge 540 here 

elie_houayes_40edge-058-800.jpg (121074 bytes)

Sept 8, 2004

Hi Caroline and Dennis
I finally had the chance to take some pictures of my 40% Edge, built by Jim Short of J&M Model Craftsman, again Jim did a superb job on the plane, I doubt anyone could have come even close, the airbrush job is out of this world, 30 flights so far.
elie_houayes_40edge-073-800.jpg (66469 bytes)
I am surprised at how easy it is to 3D, of all the planes I have and have owned, the Edge is the best by far, thanks for a good product, and thanks to Jim short for a beautiful plane.
Since I like the Edge so much, I want another one, Please send a 40% Edge kit to Jim Short so he can build me another beautiful plane. 
elie_houayes_40edge-1753-800.jpg (213180 bytes)
DA150 as usual
8611 all around
Wingbags by Caroline
elie_houayes_40edge-1763-800.jpg (133535 bytes)

Thanks,  Elie Houayes

Call Carden Aircraft at 423-295-2295