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July 5, 2017

Bill Evans with his 126" Extra 300.


June 4, 2014

Hi Caroline Dennis.
Here is Team Japan.
No2 Extra300 with JR DMSS Xbus+DA200ML pilot Saemon.


We will do our Best with your Airplane.


April 15, 2014

Dennis � thought you would like to see the attached � one of the shots has Henry�s new Carden next to Spurlock�s 10 to 12 year old Carden.



LOL � the guy in the background is my buddy Retired Admiral William �Bill� Newman who snuck into the picture giving me the �Bird� !!  He is why I am in the sport � old Navy pilot who flew the A-4 Skyhawk attack bomber in Vietnam and became the #1 boss Pilot of the Blue Angels and ran the team in 1978 and 1979. During his career he flew 56 different types of aircraft including Test Pilot service with the RAF in England.  Amazing guy to have in our sport. My goal is always to beat him in competitions. But he has moved up to the advanced class and had to compete with Henry.

Of course the dog is my flying buddy Bosley � who has his own AMA membership and goes with me everywhere.

Thanks again,

David M. Easley

March 10, 2014

Dennis and Caroline, tThis plane has flown.  She has 5 flights, and the engine has 16 flights since new.   The plane only needed two clicks of aileron, one click rudder, two clicks of elevator and she was off and flying good.  We actually flew the 2014 unlimited sequence on the second fight as an unknown.  All the mixes were copied over from my 40% Carden Extra and they were very close to what was needed.   I changed the down line mix by 1% and no other mixes have been touched.  The engine started up just like the DA-200 should have.    

On-lookers were jealous as to the ease of starting.  On the second fight we tested the temps of the front cylinders.  They were 110 right and 120 left.   It was 45 degrees outside.  Tested 2 seconds after shut down.  So the experimental side and top cooling fins along with the center baffle worked great.   

No weight on the plane as of now, my scale is packed up for my move.  But she flew light and felt like 41 lbs (our target weight).  In the cool air we never advanced the throttle past 5/8 power.

126" Carden Extra 300

DA-200L engine

Pro Flow Cans

JR system

8711 on the way around

Carbon Fiber gear

Custom made Cuffs


Lite Pilot 50% pilot, photo for instrument panel, J & J tail wheel, All Monocote covering (208 pieces of covering visible in the top photo), Stan Stockman graphics.

Thanks Dennis and Caroline for kitting a great flying plane!


Dan Baker


August 31, 2013


Greg Baggerly's new 126" Extra 300,painted by Bruce Baltera and covered by Greg Baggerly.

August 31, 2013

Hey Dennis & Caroline
Well we finally got the the H9 and 43% extras together for some pics. Mike put the test flight on the 43%and went awesome !!!

Thanks for such a great plane and support 
Mike Hilderbrandt

May 5, 2013


Hi Dennis and Caroline

I finally completed my second 126� Carden Extra 300 and wanted to send you guys some pictures and info on the plane. This one took me a little longer to complete but it was well worth it, what an awesome flying aircraft!

I made a few modifications such as, shorter ailerons, no rudder counter balance. The wing span is actually cut down to 124� and also has the thinner airfoil that you were offering at the time.

Also, I did a very complete �start to finish� build thread on flying Giants here:


Some specs on the plane:

It has a lightened DA 200 for power-

2 into 1 headers and KS 95 canisters-

Futaba 18MZ and BLS157 HV servos-



All up weight: 41 pounds 10oz- (that�s with 12oz of sound proofing foam in the cowl)

I couldn�t be happier with how it turned out and how well it flies.


Thanks for such a great kit!

When the building bugs hits me again I will be ordering another kit for sure!

Take care,



September 24, 2012


Hi Caroline & Dennis. 

We are almost ready to go TAS2012 with your Extra300.




September 24, 1012


Jim Spurlock's new 126" Extra 260.

Rich Sornborger

December 23, 2011


Hi Dennis and Caroline!!


I just wanted to pass on a few pictures of my latest 126" Extra 300 with ZDZ180 on RE3 pipes!!.   The plane was not built by me, but I finished it.  It is more or less stock.



Final dry weight, RTF was 39.5lbs and it flies like a foamy with the powerful ZDZ180.  The graphics and scheme also garner lots of attention!

Thanks again for a great flying airplane!


Trevor Brum

July 6, 2011


I flew your airplane, Carden Extra 300 on its maiden flight this 4th of July weekend.



It was perfect, the set up you gave me was spot on.





The Mentor 220 is the perfect engine for your plane, will accelerate going straight up.


The 43% Extra floats in like a trainer. A great plane.

Thank you,

Dr Greg Baggerly


July 5, 2011


Here is a pic of my 126 after putting the carbon gear on.  I am having a blast with this plane it flies so good!


Take care Bryon

May 20, 2011   

Dennis, I want to thank you, Dean, George and my dad for listening about this idea and bouncing the idea off of each of you. I have about 20 flights on the plane and I nothing but great news about the experiment. It did what I thought it would do. The rolls are straighter, crisper and I'm finding faster. I have been detuning the ailerons D/R for the past several days.  The idea of changing the aileron plan form came while I was practicing for Clover Creek Invitational last year. During practice I started to notice a slight yaw in the roll axis during vertical rolling maneuvers. I figured if I could see it then the judges. I did the usual aileron differential to try and offset it, but couldn't get rid of it.

So I elected to slow the roll rate down and hide it the best I could.  I started talking with Dean Nistetter about the idea of moving the root of the aileron out past the prop wash and the horizontal stab. My thinking was that there was dirty air coming off the ailerons and creating turbulence that was disturbing the stab. I remember with my pattern planes we did the same thing and they rolled on a rail. I do want to say that I'm not an aero engineer of any kind. I will say that I'm an engineer of lets give it a shot and see what happens! I love trying new stuff. I had several discussion with Dean and my dad at that point. 

Richard Byrd (my dad), had designed all my F3A planes with great success. I also talked to Dennis and George Hicks at Clover Creek. During our discussion we started noticing that many of the planes at Clover were doing the same thing. This slight issue is hard to pick up, but once you see. It drives you nuts!!! There were many ideas on how to do this to an existing plane. At one point I was going to split the aileron and do some fancy programming in the radio to flip a switch to make the aileron move as one or only the outer each. The more I thought about it I didn't like that idea.

Since I fly Direct Drive it was very easy to remove the control surface and cut the aileron down. There wasn't any science to it. I put the wing on, measured about a 1/4 inch past the stab and cut. The pics show the process so I won't bore you with those details.

Now to the flying part.  First impression it was rock solid. The response was very quick and axial like I wanted. Vertical up lines and down lines looked like the plane was rolling around it's spinner. Snaps stop on a dime, and the overall appearance of the plane looks calm in the air. I'm finding that I'm detuning the aileron dual rate. Which this was expected.

The thinking and thoughts were that a smaller aileron has less drag when deflected then I full span aileron. Thus making the ailerons more affective out towards the tips.  I'm not sure of the effect the ailerons have in high alpha rollers. I may in the future see, but for now I'm looking to make an already great flying precision plane even better!!!  I would like to thank Dennis, Dean, George, and my dad for listening and giving their feedback on the idea. All had input in my decision on modifying the plane. This wasn't an overnight idea. It was several months of discussions and what ifs before I made the first cut. I'm glad I did!!!  

May 10, 2011

Hi Dennis & Caroline


Well here are some pics of my 126 extra 300. Got the new engine in and its ready for the maiden.  I will let you know how the maiden went . Will be going to Kurt's this Sunday for the Maiden.


Here is a list of what is in it: 

DA 170,w/ MTW Headers 11 inch, KS 95 cans.  8711 servos on everything except throttle, Hitec 5945 on throttle.  Futaba 6014 HS recievers (2), Fromeco regulators (3), 2 5600 li-ion packs for flight (Fromeco), 1 5600 li-ion pack for ignition.  Airman wheels, J&J tail wheel  assembly with carbon fiber leaf.  10 CAG transmitter Futaba




The kit was a blast to build.  I learned a lot again since its been quite awhile since I have built. But I will be ready to build a pro this winter and it will look and be better then this one.  Always room for improvement:  When I got it outside I could see some areas where I didn't prep well enough, but again I think it came out great for the lack of building I have done lately.



Take care,

Bryon Striker

May 1, 2011

Hi Dennis I hope all is well and business is steady for you!

Over the weekend I had the privilege to see a new friend and long time customer and advocate of yours.  The photos don�t do justice to the quality of build and overall appearance of Dave�s aircraft.  Although I haven�t flown his plane, Dave mentioned it was better than his Cardin 330, and from the smoothness and accuracy that Dave displays through his maneuvers when flying this bird adds a lot of credence to his comments.

Thought you might want to take a peek.  Warm Regards,

Jon Bomers

Equinox Giant Scale R/C

January 7, 2011


Hi Dennis,

My name is Rich Sornborger and I just finished a recover, paint, and graphics job for Jim Spurlock on his 126� Extra 260 purchased from Mike Clemmens.  Today I met Jim at the field to re-maiden the aircraft and I took a few pictures of the plane. 


BTW, since becoming friends with Jim I�ve also been able to work on Cardens now and fly Jim�s plane a few times.  Your kits are untouchable for quality, bar none.  I�ve found myself almost living on your site drooling at the pictures and just enjoying the entire site. 

I�m getting ready to put a Carden 300 Pro together for Jim and I�m almost ready to pull the trigger on a Carden for myself and do a double build.  I�m just trying to scratch a little more coin together for the shipping.  Rest assured, I�ve seen them all and looked at them all, but Carden just keeps reaching out to me� 

I await your reply regarding the pictures.

Rich Sornborger


December 24, 2010


My dear friends!
How are you? Eeverything here is great!
First of all, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a year of health and love
I love you and wish you the best!


I am presenting my new Carden, I have named "girl" is beautiful right?
Soon it will be the premiere, and I will talk about the details of flight.

November 8, 2010


Dennis and Caroline

Just completed, Roger Brown's second 43% Extra. DA 170 tuned pipes. Still lacking the rods for the aileron hook ups. Roger can do his own flight report.

Ed Cobb

August 12, 2010

Hi Dennis & Caroline,

Long time no speak!! How are things with yourselves? You had a successful Nats with the new plane in Kurt's hands doing very well, great work!  My dad and I test flew our new 43% Extra300 a few months back but with going to comps and organizing others we never got time to set it up properly.

We recently took a week or so and really concentrated on it and its getting there. With my experience of two previous 40% Extra's I can now say that this by far the bI'vei've flown, feeling more solid than the previous two. Our airframe came out at 43.5lbs, with a DA200 motor, KS95 2into1 exhausts, 3B Mejzlik 28.5x12 prop, 8 JR 8911HV servos, Spektrum Rx run through a Powerbox Baselog with A123 batteries.

It is very very locked in and I think the weight of the airplane is the reason for this. There is no issue with power at all, the 200 pulls through even the hardest routines and I am very happy I choose this engine for the plane, its the perfect combo. The airplane holds a line very well and snaps are crisp and the exits are very clean.

At the moment I am preparing for the British Nationals and the German Acromasters, I will be using the new plane in both events and am looking forward to debuting it in competition. The GAM routines are very demanding on rudder power, with quite a few rolling & KE entry/exits to the patterns, with two JR8911HV linked directly to the rudder via pushrods, I have all authority I need and haven't experienced blowback.


Thanks once again for all your help and support and for designing and producing such a beautiful aeroplane.



August 6, 2010


Hueff and family with Jim Spurlock's 126" Extra. DA 200

Hey Guys, Just got home,Got a new computer with windows 7 on it and now I have another new learning curve!!!!!!! Hope the pics are ok. Hope all is going well there. We have another couple of weeks and then Destiny Marie will be here with us.
You guys take care and if you get a chance on a weekend give us a call We would love to catch up a bit.
Take care. All of our love to you Both

July 22, 2010

Hi Dennis,

This the semi final look on the 43 you sold me....took me 6 months to build.  3 is great.  Cut the wingspan down to 124, tapered the ailerons big time.  Used 30 NF with carbon fiber tow in the outer half of the wing/aileron. 

Monokote, 170 / RE3.  Hope this is a great day for you and Caroline.



Update: August 19, 2010

Hi Caroline/Dennis,


Good morning!  Well, the 126 300 is terrific, everything I thought it would be and more.  20 flights on it now.  Thanks for that.

May 27, 2010

Hi Dennis, 

Here are some pictures of my new 43% 260 that I have been flying in 2010. The 43% 260 is absolutely awesome.  I can't say enough about it.  This plane will be my primary IMAC plane for 2010 but it also 3D's very well.  It was built, covered and painted by our friend and master builder Brian Hueffmeier (thank you very much Brian for a perfect plane) and graphics are from Kirby's Graphics. 


It is powered by a DA 170 on KS 95 cans using a Mejzlik 3 blade 29-12N prop.  I am using all JR equipment - 2.4 12x, 8711's on all control surfaces - 2 on each aileron, 1 on each elevator half, 2 on the rudder and an 8411 on throttle.  I am using a Power Box Spekturm which has a JR 1221 Rx built in.  The batteries are all 4900 mah Duralites -  2 for the rx and 1 for the ignition with regulators built into the power box. 

I have my CG a little further back then we spoke about about, 4 1/4" from the leading edge at the tip.  

As with all my Carden's, they always exceed expectations.  Thank you as always for support when needed and for providing us with such a superior product.


Tony Bonanno

May 26, 2010


As you know, this is my 6th Carden airframe. To say that I am pleased yet again is an understatement!  It seems that every new one is better than the last. Considering that they have all been outstanding that is pretty amazing.  My new 126" Extra flies better and lighter than my previous 40% Extra. It is powered by a DA 170 on KS 95's and the flight controls are driven by the Durant Direct Drive system. This is the third airplane I have used it on and has worked flawlessly on all of them.

Thanks again Dennis for a great piece of engineering and great flying airplane!



Bob Rembert

May 18, 2010

Hi Caroline and Dennis

Just thought I would send you some pictures of my newly completed 126" Extra 300. As you may remember you were able to deliver the kit to me at the Tucson Shoot out last year. I began construction Nov 1st and had it ready to fly  May 12th. A little over 6 months, not bad I guess for my first Carden build. I really enjoyed the whole construction process, the kit was outstanding and went together really well.

Even better though is how it flew, this will  be one of the nicest flying airplane I have ever owned. I did not have time to do any real trimming on the plane at all and placed 1st in Intermediate at one of our Northwest Imac competitions this weekend.  Here's how I have it set up:  DA 170 with RE-3 pipes, Mejzlik 29x12N, Futaba 14MZ with BLS152 servos, Durant Direct drive on the rudder/ 2 servos, PowerBox with Duralite batteries, Monokote covering, Endura paint on the cowl and canopy/hatch.

The airplane has fantastic vertical performance and flies slower than I expected which is great, just the way I like it! Snaps are very predictable and easy to stop. It's a great rolling airplane too, and it's going to be even better after I get it dialed in!!

Thank you for a wonderful kit and an even better flying plane, I will be ordering another Carden kit soon. Have a great day, talk to you soon.  Thanks,

Henry Piorun 

May 13, 2010

Hi Dennis and Caroline

I am enjoying my new 126" Extra 300 immensely. Trevor Brum did a great job building it over the winter months and shipped to me in late March. I now have 22 flights on it and enjoy it more each flight.  My fourth Carden and hopefully another one soon.


Jack Durgan


May 4, 2010,

Roger Brown's 43% 260 Extra. was delivered and was test flown last Saturday.  The CheahaRC Flyers all showed up at the field for the maiden flight.  You received the flight report from Roger, all went well.  WHAT GREAT FLYING AIRCRAFT YOU MAKE and THEY KEEP GETTING BETTER!  Plane is powered by a DA 170 on tuned pipes, JR 12X radio with Hitec 7950 servos on the control surfaces.


Bullfrog ( Abbey ) helps PaPa do the final inspection prior to Roger picking the plane up. It was tough to get her started on this project, kept mumbling something about a dollhouse build. Once into the project she gave it her best. I figured she would have trouble parting with the plane via pilot installed ( she spent two days hugging and kissing the pilot before we could get him in).


Dennis some construction photos were included, louvered cowling, fiberglass pipe tunnel with built in air dam, canopy mate to top hatch.

First flights were made without cowl baffles, eng temped at 185 deg.f , pipes were temped at 226 deg.f.  Cowl is now baffled, will see how much improvement.

I would like to thank, Brian Deis ( Dream RC Airplanes ) for his devotion and time in teaching me the right way.  Roger Brown for allowing me to build the airplane and incorporate some ideas I liked.  For Dennis and Caroline and their commitment to not just making quality aircraft kits but for the ultimate performing aircraft in the industry.

I thank God for my given ability, some fly, some build, some sit back and give support to those that do. They are the ones we owe the most to.




Wedowee, Al.

PaPa, Nina and Abbey

May 3, 2010



I am attaching the pictures of Roger Brown�s 43% Extra 260 that was built by Ed Cobb.  Ed will probably be sending more pictures and a narrative. 


The link to the Cheaha RC�s Hucking in the Hollow thread on Flying Giants is:

You can also see pictures here:



This is a link to Roger Brown�s maiden flight video of his 43% Extra 260.  You may link to it on your website also if you wish.




Eddie Denney


April 6, 2010

Denis / Caroline,

Here are a few shots of my new 126" 260. The final all up weight is 37
lbs and 10 oz. The Kit was second to none (Again). I did the build, paint
and covered by Kenny Lauter. Here are the particulars....Full build report
to follow.



DA 170
MTW Re 3's
Futaba 14mz guidance
Futaba 9157's all around 2 each ail. 2 on the rudder 1 each elevator
Fromeco switches and 2 Fromeco 123 packs on the rx
Mej 32x10 prop
J & J tailwheel
Custom  engraved Gear 2024 T4 aluminum



Jeff Blaylock

March 2, 2010



Here�s a few pictures of my newest 126� Extra 300. What can I say that I haven�t said before about your planes? It�s a Carden and it flies like one � AWESOME!


As usual, the kit quality was second to none with an exceptionally good wood pack. Your attention to detail on parts and fit is very much appreciated making the kit a real pleasure to build.  This plane has a DA200 on it which pulls it around like a tractor in low gear. It just motors through anything you ask it to do without ever slowing down.  


Thank you for providing us with a very high quality US made kit version of the Extra 300.


Dean Nistetter


March 2, 2010


We finally got some flight's in, to say the least it flew great for one I built. The first flight was only two minutes and was uneventful; checked everything, put some left aileron in it and went crazy.  Knife edge loops nice smooth, clean rolls, violent snap, crisp slow blenders.  To be flying with a 16mph crosswind gusting in the 20's you never new it. 

My son Ken wanted to see what it was made of and never let up for 10 minutes that had me sweating bullets.  Landed again and went over every nut and bolt all was ok only used a half a tank of fuel.  Moved the cg back to 4 1/16, set up some IMAC set ups and flew another set of IMAC patterns that impressed me, and my son's smile hasn't left his face yet. 

I think we might move the cg back another 1/8 after a few flight's, on a 45 degree up-line you roll inverted it looses a little but just a small amount of down trim keeps it straight.  The knife edge has no coupling, the vertical is unlimited, hovers with a 1/4 throttle, the dry weight was 41.8 lbs.       


zdz210, headers and canisters by me, 31x12 3 blade Mejzlik, 8911hv JR servos
60 oz b&b fuel tank, Smartfly eq10, J&J tailwheel with carbon fiber leaf,
Fromeco Wolverine and Badger switches, two 5000 7.4 lipos on reciver, one 2600 7.4 lipo ign, ultracote covering, lettering by Signs Now.


Thanks is not enough to say for giving me and my son something to work together on and answering all of my questions.  Gary Boucherie

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